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Hi! I am Monica,
founder of pictureUP -
Picture Hanging Service and

I studied ART at the Mozarteum in Austria teaching Art and have been working with framers, interior designers and in galleries for many years.

Monica pictureUP founder
Monica pictureUP founder

I love ART and to be CREATIVE.

Experimenting with lines, colours and different materials keeps me active and calms the mind.

Picture Hanging Service

So many people have great Artwork at home, but don´t know how to arrange them or hanging them properly.

As a Picture Hanger it gives me great pleasure to inspire and create a new homely atmosphere and see a big smile on my clients faces.

I see my work as an ART-FORM, and walls are the canvas for a broader picture.

What I do is a collaborative effort between myself and my clients, and the end result is truly satisfying.

My mission

Some of my clients have a clear vision
for their space, and some may need a
little help deciding. I work one-on-one with you to make your vision a reality.

I have the keen eye, sense of style, artistic appreciation, and experience to make sure you get the most out of your paintings and other items. I’ll help by arranging that makes the most of the space and the piece itself.

... make it home!

My clients

I am not a handyman;
I am an art designer!

With my creative hand I help
Home-Owners, Interior Designers, Home Stagers, Galleries, Restaurants, Resort Managers, Healthcare, Hospitality and whoever needs a ...

Picture Hanging Service.

Ready to hang...

Make your vision
a reality!